Achiropoiitos – Agia Sofia axis

Mention in Architectural Competition
Thessaloniki, Greece
Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate change of Greece
WE L D: Ioanna Angelopoulou / Haris Laspas, Lena Boulamatsi, Stavros Dendrinos, Melina Kyritsi, Stelios Vasileiadis
Xenofodas Konstantis, Anthi Karahaliou
Stavroula Katsogianni
Nikos Kehagias (architectural visualization)
Reconstuction of the axis Achiropoiitos - Agia Sofia
40.000 m²

submitted panels



This project was elaborated for the international architectural competition of re-designing Acheiropoiitos – Agia Sofia axis of Thessaloniki. The basic challenges were the emergence of the monuments and the transformation of the vehicular axis into pedestrian path and the connection of several cultural attractions. Since the area is distinguished by a peculiar historical and urban substratum, resulted in capturing the basic concept of the proposal, which is that of the involvement of time in the design of space, as perceptual correlation of those two elements.

The basic compositive system is a marked pedestrian path, a timeline,
which runs across the whole site. The timeline functions both as a historical narration of one of the most important parts of the city and as a “backbone”, over which “spondyles”, that lead to areas of interest (churches, archaeological sites, squares) are articulated. Facts concerning the area’s points of interest (listed buildings, monuments, structures) are registered as “written” information on the timeline. Since the two most considerable monuments (Agia Sofia and Acheiropoiitos church) lie on a different level, another digging – on two areas – is designed, in order to mentally connect the two churches and to reveal marks of another historical era. Simultaneously, a linear park is shaped, which re-establishes nature in the heart of the city. The urban landscape is about to communicate with the citizen and through the enrichment of qualities and essences of boundaries, gradations of noisy areas and calming fields are generated.

The urban space is redefined through historical references and the urban void obtains the dynamic of a cultural platform of actions.


Conjuction of the archaeological sites and monuments of Thessaloniki

localization of the monuments / revelation of the historical level / timeline / spondyles that lead to areas of interest

Conjuction of the memorable sites of the axis  

Proposed outline revealing historical moments

linear park / urban spaces

section / masterplan 

area A / makedonomachon square – achiropoiitos

area B / metro station 

area C / agia sofia

area D / mitropoli 

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